Plug In

Hearing loss is the 3rd most common age-related health condition. This means that you are not alone! Millions of other people are experiencing the same difficulties and frustrations, and millions of other people are also learning how to overcome them. The resources below will help you “plug in” and connect with these people.  This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point. Check them out and see if any of them resonate with you.*

American Resources

Hearing Loss Association of America

HLAA is the nation’s leading organization representing consumers with hearing loss. The programs they offer are designed to focus on you. HLAA strives to give people the tools they need to live more successfully with hearing loss and to show them they do not have to face hearing loss alone.

Association of Late-Deafened Adults

ALDA is committed to providing a support network and a sense of belonging by sharing our unique experiences, challenges and coping strategies, helping one another find practical solutions and emotional support, and working together with other organizations and service providers for our common good.

American Tinnitus Association

ATA is the nation’s foremost and trusted organization committed to finding cures for tinnitus and hyperacusis. The core purpose of the ATA is to promote relief, prevent, and find cures for tinnitus, evidenced by its core values of compassion, credibility, and responsibility.

Canadian Resources

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

The mission of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association is: “Connecting Canadians impacted by hearing loss through advocacy, education and community engagement.”

The Hearing Foundation of Canada

The Hearing Foundation of Canada is a national non-profit organization for funding medical research, public education, & advocacy.

Canadian Hearing Services

For more than 80 years, Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has provided exceptional care and expertise to Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians.

Misc. Resources

Hearing Health & Technology Matters

HHTM bridges the knowledge gaps in treating hearing loss. The site is created by and for people who share the belief that Hearing Health & Technology Matters! Our vision is to provide timely information and lively insights to anyone who cares about hearing loss.

Gael Hannan, The Happy HoH

Gael Hannan is a hearing loss advocate, writer, actor, and public speaker who grew up with a progressive hearing loss that is now severe-to-profound. Her blog, book, and workshops offer advice and personal insights into living life with hearing loss – at every age. is a news and lifestyle website for people whose lives are affected by hearing loss. We bring together people from all around the world to share stories that inspire hope in almost any hearing loss situation.

Living with Hearing Loss

Living with Hearing Loss is a blog and online community for people living with hearing loss. Founder Shari Eberts has adult onset genetic hearing loss and hopes that sharing her story will help others to live more comfortably with their own hearing issues.

Katherine Bouton, Smart Hearing

Katherine Bouton is an author, advocate, and educator for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Her blog and books are filled with valuable information to support you in your hearing wellness journey.

*5 Keys Communication does not endorse or receive compensation from any of the programs listed above.